The DUETTI Microdepal can handle pallets 1000 x 1200 Hmax 1500 with flat interlayer between the layers of plastic or rigid cardboard containers or trays.

Depalletiser with stationary platform system, it is possible to load the pallet into the machine already without the cardboard cap, with a trans pallet or forklift in the appropriate centering frame which ensures correct positioning.

Sturdy and compact machine structure with linear guides to ensure precision of movements. Gripping head with inflatable rubbers for 3 rows of bottles, the format change is simple and very fast by adjusting the position of the rubbers according to the format.

Machine equipped with switchboard and electrical system + control panel.


With over 40 years of experience DUETTI Packaging provides innovative solutions in the field of materials handling. Specialising in Depalletizers, Palletizers, Carton Errectors, Drop Packers, Bag Palletisers, Pail Palletisers and much more, this company offres a varied, practical and economical soltuion for most packaging requirements.

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