ABE Canning Solutions



Automated Canning Line for Beer, Cider & Beverages in general.

The CraftCan series of Canning Lines adjust to your speed:

1) Production rates of 15, 35, 45 or 90+ cpm

2) Increase your production as your business grows! The CraftCan™ systems are modular and can be upgraded from 15cpm to 30 or 35 cpm, the Duo can be upgraded from 45 to 90 cpm.

3) Super Clean – Stainless steel construction makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. And every part of the CraftCan™ Canning Line, including the HMI Touch Screen, is wash down capable

4) Servo Seamer technology lowers DO pickup and provides a tighter, faster seaming process with adjustments made on the fly.

5) Inline filling technology with a minimal footprint

6) Can be supplied with the option to adjust to various can heights. Whether you’re filling 330ml cans, or something bigger, the CraftCan™ should be your first choice.

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