ABE Keg Washer/Filler and CIP Solutions



Dirty kegs? Clean them up with A.B.E.’s Keg Commander!

The dual-head system can clean and purge up to 30 kegs per hour. It is compatible with most standard couplings (U, S & D), and it’s unique mounting system allows different-sized kegs to be cleaned at the same time. You can control the cleaning process with the HMI touchscreen interface, increasing or decreasing the length of each of the 16 steps in the cleaning cycle. This durable machine is made of 304 Stainless Steel, including the piping, and has two separate liquid tanks to ensure a thorough reserve for the cleaning process.


  • Dual-head keg washer
  • Compatible with standard couplings
    (U,S & D)
  • 16-step cleaning process with adjustable step timing
  • Separate temperature controls for solution tanks
  • Touch screen operation
  • Cleans up to 30 kegs per hour (depending on length of cleaning cycle)
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Once started, the system can be left unattended until cycle is complete
  • Low-liquid sensors in each tank protect heaters and pumps by alerting customer when they need to be refilled
  • Keg holders are adjustable, allowing for multiple keg sizes to be cleaned simultaneously

ABE’s CIP System are portable and come in either 100Lt or 150lt capacities. The CIP system has independent tank temperature controls and a flow rate of up to 11 GPM to help quickly clean small to moderate-sized brew houses.

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