In over 40 years of business activity, FIMER has gained so much experience in the beverage filling sector in general that it is now able to design and implement specific solutions to also cater to special requirements. And thanks to a young, dynamic and flexible management and technical staff, FIMER is also able to find rational solutions for even highly complex needs. There can be no doubt that one of FIMER’s strong points is flexibility.

This technology now also includes filling by the folloiwng means:

  • Flowmeter flling – accurate filling of products with determinable fill volumes
  • Non-Contact filling – for those industries where the risk of contamination if high and therefore the filling valves do NOT make physical contact with the bottles
  • Volumetric Filling – adjustable doses which are then pneumatically dosed into bottles – ideal for highly viscous products such as deteregents, creams, shampoos etc

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FIMER equipment is distinguished by the reliability and accuracy put into every build. Quality is guaranteed by the use of cutting-edge solutions which, at the same time, make it possible to achieve functional and reliable systems. Our professional expertise is backed by extensive knowledge and experience as regards applicable standards, which translates into top-quality design, manufacture and maintenance, with the application of Quality Systems in accordance with current regulations. The result is a company that operates with integrity and professionalism, where product and service reliability is paramount.

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