The DUETTI depalletising solutions break down into the two main categories: Layer or Inflatable Tubes depalletisers

  • SWEEP: transferring a whole layer of product at a time the pallet to an outfeed table; stability and integrity of the product during transfer is ensured by a series of supports.
  • INFLATABLE TUBES: depalletising of the product by pick-up and deposit with cartesian movement. The system uses a gripping head with inflatable tubes for rows of products for a stable transfer of the product


Manual, semi-automatic and automatic depalletisers with orthogonal transfer of the bottles lott by picking up the layer with a series of inflatable tubes.


Automatic machines for depalletising bottles and cans by pushing the complete layer. The process can be completely automatic with modules for removing the layercard and pallet recovery.


With over 40 years of experience DUETTI Packaging provides innovative solutions in the field of materials handling. Specialising in Depalletizers, Palletizers, Carton Errectors, Drop Packers, Bag Palletisers, Pail Palletisers and much more, this company offres a varied, practical and economical soltuion for most packaging requirements.

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