Kreuzmayr KWEM Series



Wash bath with vertical elevator and mill in a variety of sizes from the small-scale producer through to more industrial settings.

The Kreuzmayr wash, elevator and mill is the perfect preparation for the fruit just prior to pressing. Built-in stainless steel with a plastic conveyor belt with continuous speed setting. The operation panel can be placed on the left or right depending on the client’s requirements. The operation is completely automatic with a 3-pole sensor in the mash box and a central floor drain for the wash bath.

These compact units can be placed directly over a press (see our Belt Presses, Hydro Presses and Optipress) where the milled fruit can be treated for juice extraction.

The Kreuzmayr KWEM series comes as a KWEM 2000 (2000kgs per hr), KWEM 3000 (3000kgs per hr) and the KWEM 5500 (5500kgs per hr).

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