KREUZMAYR offers batch type bottle pasteurizers for the small producer.

The KKP360 consists of the main housing, complete with heat exchanger, water spray pump and controller for temperature and time settings.

Bottles are packed onto a double layer trolley and the whole trolley is wheeled into the chamber and the doors are then closed.

The pump circulates the hot water over the bottles and the water in the trolley drains back to the main collection tank with heat exchanger.

Depending on bottle size, up to 600 bph can be pasteurized with the KKP360.

A separate Heat source (boiler type – we can supply this too) is needed.

This solution can be used for

Kreuzmayr stands for the efficient production of machines and assemblies for an optimal production of fruit juices. Through innovative developments and individual solutions, we create the basis for satisfied customers. From bin tipping, to washing, grinding, squeezing and pasteurisation up to the bottling of fruit juices – we offer everything from one source. Our machines are produced in Wallem, Austria, and this speaks for the excellent quality of our products. We use only top quality materials like stainless steel, and this establishes the basis for hygienically faultless production processes.

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