Introducing the new ABE CraftCan Go. A tiny, but mighty, canning line with the unique versatility to switch between atmospheric and counter pressure filling.⁠ Filling up to 15 CPM atmospheric or 8 CPM counter pressure. Whether you are packaging a low-carbonated beverage or something with a high volume of CO₂, this machine will get the job done.⁠

Key Features:


The CraftCan Go is a versatile machine that can switch between atmospheric and counter pressure filling. This filling flexibility gives companies the freedom to expand into high-carb beverages without purchasing a new canning line.

Single-user Operation 

The physical layout and the infeed/outlet accumulation allows one person to load cans, make adjustments to the HMI, and pack off.

Compact Design and Mobility

Its compact design and mobility are additional enhancements that set this unit apart from the competition.

Unique Post-rinse & Dry Solution

A short burst of water while spinning both rinses and dries cans.

Included Frame

The CraftCan Go has optional casters for increased mobility.

Comprehensive Spare Parts Inventory

Each CraftCan Go Canning Line that leaves the ABE facility carries UL certification and an industry-leading five year limited warranty on the metal and welds. In addition to a comprehensive spare parts inventory, you’ll have access to superior customer support from the ABE team in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Viniquip is one of Australasia’s leading importers and distributors of ABE equipment.

To pre-order the ABE CraftCan Go email or download the brochure ⁠