Have you heard some crazy facts about alcohol that just seem ridiculous…⁠

Well, we’re here to debunk some of the ‘crazy’ and not so crazy myths that you may have heard of. ⁠

01. There’s a worm at the bottom of the bottle

Tequila should never have a worm at the bottom of the bottle. It has been a marketing ploy from the beginning. Some brands do still sell alcohol-pickled larvae in the bottle, but it is pure fabrication.

02. Beer causes a beer belly

So this one is a little true. The notorious belly reputation is thanks to its typically high calorie content and how easy it is to consume those calories. Nowadays, there are low calorie beers available, but we do love the belly.

03. All vodka is made from potatoes

Who heard of this one throughout high school? This is a very common misconception that most or all vodka is made from potatoes. In reality, it’s a tiny fraction, while the rest is made mostly from grains…

04. Alcohol kills brain cells

This one seems the most believable but drunk behaviour, & impaired memory is thanks to reduced inhibitions and damaged nerve endings called dendrites. Even heavy drinking can’t kill your brain cells as much as you feel it the next day.

05. Different alcohols make you act differently

People claim to have drinks that make them act certain ways. Science say there’s only one drink (alcohol) that makes you act one way (intoxicated). It’s no more than a placebo effect created out of your own expectations & experiences.