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Enolmatic is the only vacuum filler coupling small size and easy operations with professional features and performance – approximately 250 bph. The ideal equipment for filling wine, oil, spirits, liquor, tomato sauce, fruit juices, and also liquids with relatively high viscosity.

Thanks to its careful design and top quality construction all in food grade materials.

Because it has been tested for non-stop operations.

Easy to Operate
The vat, barrel or demijohn can be placed below the Enolmatic filler – up to 13 feet (4 meters) suction head

The unit allows for various adjustments, such as:

  • Adjust the filling level just once and it remains as default value
  • Adjust the filling speed
  • Use Enolmatic with every type and size of bottles.

Through a vacuum operated filling, the product never gets in contact with any mechanical components. The product is bottled in the most natural way, allowing to maintain its original quality and features. When placing the bottle under the machine, the fluid is drawn by the vacuum created inside the container itself.

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We design and produce machines and automatic filling lines for bottling, capping and labeling of a large number of products. Our packaging systems can be used for the filling of alimentary products (such as oil, wine, beer, and milk) and non-alimentary products (cosmetics, chemicals, herbal products, pharmaceuticals). We have developed a series of machines and technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises, to which we supply complete filling lines: from the preparation of the production to its external appearance for the end-consumer.

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