Brew Houses


ABE Equipment’s Brewhouses are custom-built to fit each brewer’s individual needs.

We work with you on everything from defining your optimal brewery layout to designing the setup and size of your brewhouse and tanks. Most importantly, every brewhouse is built with 304 stainless steel and uses SEW motors, so they are as durable and hard-working as you are.

Each brewhouse goes through a comprehensive quality control inspection before it leaves the supplier’s facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, where everything, including the inside of the piping, is inspected.

The beauty of the craft brewing business is that no two breweries are identical. The goal is to understand what makes your facility and process unique and then design solutions that fit your needs.

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At Viniquip International we offer a range of services, from over the phone support to on-site one-on-one consultation.

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We stock an extensive range of spare parts at our warehouse in Hastings, which are readily available and just a phone call away.

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