We are thrilled to announce our partnership with AEB-Group. Viniquip can now offer the full range of AEB products to clients throughout New Zealand. AEB are experts in biotechnology and this expertise enables Viniquip to supply, brewers, winemakers, and beverage producers with tailored biotechnology solutions to enhance and improve their products. If it is yeast, nutrients, clarification, stabilisation, or clarification you are looking for we have the product and team to help you. We have New Zealand-based specialists to help you find the solution to take your beer, wine, and beverage to the next level.

It’s our intention to keep ahead of clients’ service and support requirements and so investing in the training of our team at our suppliers is crucial. We sent David our Sales and Technical Support manager to upskill on various ABE equipment that is heading to NZ and Australian clients.⁠ Check out some highlights of his visit below, and thank you to the ABE team for hosting us.

Check out the article on bottling in the Winter Edition of the Beer & Brewer magazine.

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