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GAI | | ISO Beer Series
Rinsing, Beer Filling and Crown Capping Monoblock for Beer

GAI has been designing and building machinery for the bottling of quality wines since 1946.
Isobaric fillers require great care in their design and construction: GAI supplies a quality product with all the options to ensure reliable, flawless operation.
• The filler valves feature bottle vacuum, self-levelling and degassing.
• Great care is taken over the vacuum circuit for minimal oxidation during bottling.
• GAI fillers are easy to sterilize using either chemical products or steam.
GAI's policy of constant research, development and investment in production allows them to manufacture 90% of the components of our machines in-house.
This enables GAI to offer high quality products at a competitive price, and to guarantee the availability of spare parts on time for years to come.
Ask for the latest catalogue to be e-mailed - too large to place on website

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GAI | GAI 441/ 661 MLE | GAI LINEAR Filler
All new Linear Beer/ Cider/ Sp Wine bottling monoblock

ALL NEW (Launched at Craft Brewers Conference in Portland 2015) from GAI 


Linear Counter pressure filling monoblock designed for Beer (also Cider and other sprakling products) utilising the latest filling technology available. Filling valves are patented ELECTRO PNEUMATIC FILLING VALVES as found on GAI's rotary filling systems 


2 models available


441 MLE = 4 heads for rinsing - 4 heads filling - single head crowner - up to 900 bph


661 MLE = 6 heads for rinsing - 6 heads filling - single head crowner - up to 1200 bph


Full control for pre-evacuation, snifting and levelling controlled by central Touch Screen and PLC.


A true innovation by GAI

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American Beer Equipment | LinCan | ABE LinCan Canning System
Automated Canning Line for Beer/ Cider/ etc.

NEW - Introducing the LinCAN AUTOMATED CANNING SYSTEM from American Beer Equipment
The LinCan™ Canning Line adjusts to your speed:
1) Productions rates of 15, 30 or 60 cpm!
2) Increase your production as your business grows! The LinCan™ systems are upgradeable from a 30
cpm to a 60 cpm!
3) Super Clean - Stainless steel construction makes for easy cleaning and maintenance, and every part
of the LinCan™ Canning Line, including the HMI Touch Screen, is wash down capable
4) Adjustable to various can sizes. Whether you’re filling 12 ounce cans, or something bigger, the LinCan™
System quickly adjusts to fit your needs.
5) Compact design minimizes floor space, while maximizing production and efficency.

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AESSE | | Corner-Block DUESS 661
Compact Counter Pressure filler for Cider, Beer, Water and Sparkling Wine

AUTOMATIC Corner-Block DUESS 661


Hourly production: 400 - 800 b/h  depending on bottle size

Filling temperature from 0°C to 4°C

Process phases:

1) air pre-evacuation from the bottles through wacuum pump (single or double)

2) bottles pressure equalization through injection of inert gas

3) counter pressure filling

4) pressure discharge

Power supply:

Electrical 0,75 KW 400 V. Hz3F N T

Pneumatical: Compressed air 6 BAR

Water: 3,5 BAR

CO2/N : cylinder with reducer

*Output is just informative, offer is subject to confirmation when the order is placed according to product concerned - quantity of CO 2 gr./Lt - temperature -

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CEM | | ISO 4
Manual Pressure filler for carbonated products

CEM Linear Manual Counter Pressure Filler


Technical specifications:

  • Manual stainless steel filling machine, suitable for bottling  all types carbonated beverages, such as Sparkling wines, Cider, Soft drinks, Beer, Mineral water.
  • High versatility: possibility to fill Glass and PET bottles from sizes 375ml to 1.5 Lt.
  • Product tank with thick walls, tested up to 4 bars
  • Level probe inside the tank for automatic product inlet control
  • Manual bottle-lift 
  • Stainless steel filling tubes, with hot-sanitizable seals
  • ‘No-foam’- filling system, with rubber ring on the filling pipe to spread the product onto the bottle walls for faster filling.
  • Product level inside the bottle by means of stainless steel filling tubes, easily removable with a tool included in the supply.
  • Front safety panel ..

Technical features:


  • Model 2 or 4
  • Bottle Type – Glass or Plastic
  • Product Type – Sparkling beverages
  • Weight – 30Kg




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Tunnel Pasteurizer for bottled Beer/ Cider/ etc.

Tunnel Pasteurizers made to order based on production volues. 


Tunnels available for bottles (Glass/ PET/ Etc.) and cans


Please request an offer providing details of packaging size and production speeds required!

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Kreuzmayr | | Kreuzmayr KKP360
In-Bottle Pasteurizer - batch system

KREUZMAYR offers batch type bottle pasteurizers for the small producer.


Tke KKP360 consists of a main housing, complete with heat exchanger, water spray pump and Controller for temperaure and time settings.


Bottles are packed onto a double layer trolley and the whole trolley is wheeled into the chamber and the doors then closed.


The pump circulates the hot water over the bottles and the water in the trolle drains back to the main collection tank with heat exchanger.


Depending on bottle size, up to 600 bph can be pasteurized with the KKP360


A separate Heat source (boiler type - we can supply this too) is needed

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Carbofresh | | Carbofresh Standard
In-Line Carbonising of liquids up to 4g/l CO2

CARBOFRESH- type Standard

Stainless steel 1.4301 and food-grade respecting authorized polycarbonate. Fully automatic regulation with pre-selective adjustment and analog display to grant reproducibility of adjustment. Complete with hose connection, CO2-pressure regulator, wall mounts, measurement device for CO content and one interchangeable injector

                  700 – 1.000 l/h, 950 – 1.400 l/h, 1.300 – 2.000 l/h

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Carbofresh | | Carbofresh De-Luxe
In-Line Carbonising of liquids up to 11g/l CO2

CARBOFRESH - type de Luxe

injector, injector-box, check valves in stainless steel (1.4571), CIP-able device and static mixers. Fully automatic regulation with preselective adjustment and digital display to grant reproducibility of adjustment. Complete with hose connection, CO2-pressure regulator and stainless steel connection (for eaxample: e.g. BSM 2") . The system includes two stainless steel in-line static mixers.


Production up to 10 m3/h

                  Other flow rates on request

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Carbofresh | | Carbofresh ST
In-Line Carbonising of liquids up to 4g/l CO2


Stainless steel 1.4301 and food-grade respecting authorized polycarbonate. Fully automatic regulation with pre-selective adjust- ment and digital display to grant reproducibility of adjustment. Complete with hose connection, CO2-pressure regulator, wall mounts and measurement cylinder for CO2.

Models are up to 10.000 l/h  - up to 20.000 l/h  and   up to 30.000 l/h



only for CARBOFRESH®- unit , type ST up to 10.000 and 30.000 l/h surplus for a special injector and injector housing made out of high-grade steel

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GAI | | GAI 1012 Rinser
Semi-automatic bottle rinser

The GAI 1012 Bottle rinser is an ideal solution for entry level small production bottling plants where bottle rinsing is a necessity.

The GAI 1012 can be placed directly in front of a filling machine, ensuring that clean and rinsed bottles are used.

Can be used for wine, beer, sparkling wine, juice, etc.

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GAI | | GAI Rinsers - Series 12100
Automatic Rinsing of bottles

The GAI series 12100 of automatic rinsers are ideally suited for the internal rinsing of bottles prior to filling.


The rinsers are available as a single stage (rinsing only) or 2-stage version (rinsing and blowing).


These rinsers are the same as found on the GAI series of Rinsing/ Filling/ Capping monoblocks.


There are 8 standard model sizes available - varying from 1.200 BPH up to 12.000 BPH.

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GAI | | GAI Series 600 Labellers
Semi-auotmatic bench top labellers

The GAI 600 Series of bench top labelers are the perfect introduction to professional labeling, even if operated manually.


The label stations and controls are of the same high standard as found on the automatic linear and rotary machines.


All stainless steel construction.


Depending on model, labeling can be off 2 separate rolls or off 1 roll (front and rear label on the same roll).


All machines will do cylindrical bottles.


Some models will do square bottles (as in Olive oils etc.)

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GAI | | GAI Series 9000 Labelling Block
Washing, capsuling and labeling monobloc series

The series 9000 of machines is unique to GAI and provide an important compact component to the final stages of packaging. The series 9000 performs the following functions:


  • Exterior bottle washing
  • Exterior bottle drying
  • Removal of condensation (optional) - very important when trying to label in humid conditions or with very cold product (e.g. sparkling wine, beer, etc.)
  • Application of various type of capsules
  • labeling by means of either Linear, Vacuum Belt or Rotary labeling section


All series 9000 machines are Touch Screen controlled and are designed to be incorporated within a line.

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APE | | Bottle Depalletizer
Semi-automatic Bottle depalletiser

The APE Babydepal is the most robust, efficient and cost effective bottle depalletizer in the market today.


Designed to list palletized off each layer and then placing them onto the depalletising table.


After un-loading the bottles are transferred by conveyor system (parallel or at angles) to feed bottling lines.


Designed for glass or PET bottles with a neck.


Up to 6.000 bph production.


Certain levels of automation are optional

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Automatic Carton Erector, bottle drop packer and sealer

The APE "TRIO" is the ideal entry level fully automatic carton packing solution.


Suited for production rates of up to 3.000 BPH, for both 12 and 6 pack carton sizes.


Bottles are accumulated and then sorted into the correct format ( 1 x 12 or 2 x 6 carton configuration). Carton are erected and placed under the packing station. Suction cups pick up the bottles and gently drop them into the waiting cartons. Full cartons are moved on through the bottom and top taping heads.

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Carton erecting, drop packing and sealing with Hot Melt

The APE "Isola" series is the ideal solution for intermendiate production speeds where good levels of automation are required.


The ISOLA consists of:

  • Carton Erecting station with bottom Hot Melt Gluing
  • Bottle Drop Packing station
  • Partition inserter (optional)
  • Carton Weight Checker (optional)
  • Carton Top sealing station with Hot Melt


The ISOLA is ideally suited for production runs up to 5.000 BPH

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Carton Erecting and Drop packing monoblock

The APE "UNIBLOCK" series has been designed for medium line speeds.


The Uniblock is a combination carton erector with bottle drop packer in one.


Models are Uniblock 5000 and Uniblock 8000.


Gluing with Hot Melt glue is standard

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APE | | Series FORM
Carton Erectors

The FORM series by APE are dedicated carton erecting machines designed for medium to high speed lines.


Available in 2 models, the FORM units erect the cartons and seal the carton bottoms with hot-melt glue.


Typically the cartons are conveyed towards automated packing machines.

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Automatic drop packers

The INCA series is a stand alone bottle drop packer into cartons previously assembled by another machine or by hand.


The INCA machines are available in various sizes and are optioned to suit the individual requirements.

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Syscona | | Bottle Inspection System
General inspection of bottles after filling


Fill Level Control System

Type               “UNICEPT 4”


UNICEPT represents the basic system that can be completed by means of different control and ejection systems



·      Solid mechanical construction in stainless steel including connection to the conveyor.

·      Device for the continuous vertical adjustment of the system for the accommodation to different containers heights.

·      The electronics is installed in a functional and serviceable stainless steel housing.

·      Most modern control by means of a microprocessor.

·      Functional operation field with clear text display for easy operating of the system as well as for calling production and diagnostic data. 

     ·      Counting displays as follows


-           total number of containers

-           good containers

-           Underfilling


·      All functions can be protected by using a password

     ·      The system sends the signals for the direct drive to the ejection  system.

     ·      Connection for logging the operating data possible.



High Frequency Control System


Microprocessor controlled high frequency measuring system for the non-contacting and safe detection of underfilled containers in a free passing way.


Compact measuring bridge in PVC-housing, system of protection IP65, to complete the basic system.

Ejection System ProfiPush F 1


For the safe ejection of containers identified defective on a multi-way conveyor.


Electric-pneumatic system with pneumatic cylinder including pressure maintenance unit.

Max. capacity: 10.000 objects/h








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