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Noni (morinda citrifolia)

Tropical Fruit Juice

Marchisio | | Hydro Presses
Presses utilising water pressure

The Hydropress is ideally suited for pressing a number of fermented noni juice


The fermented fruit (pip fruit need to be milled first) is emptied into the hydro press. When full, the lid is fitted. Attach a water source (domestic hose or other pressurised water supply) to the press and the internal bladder will inflate and press out the juice.


When completed, empty the press and start again.

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Kreuzmayr | | Fruit Mill
Free Standing Mill for the milling of variour fruits and vegetables

Equipped with various sized motors for different production outputs.


These mills are designed to be positioned directly above a press or a receival hopper for further pumping.

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Kreuzmayr | | KWEM5000
Wash bath with vertical elevator and Mill

Ideal setup for the small to medium sized producer who wants to wash and mill the fruit just prior to pressing.


These compact units can be placed directly over a press (see our Belt Presses, Hydro Presses and Optipress) where the ideally milled fruit can be treated fro juice extraction.

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Kreuzmayr | | Belt Presses - small to medium production
Continuous Pressing of Fruit for juicing!

Kreuzmayr is the leading manufacturer in the technology of continuous belt pressing.


The series KEB500 and KEB750 are deisgned for production plants wishing to produce up to 1.500kg of fruit per hour


High levels if innovation coupled with quality of manufacture and materials, make the Kreuzmayr belt presses very desirable by the discerning juice producer.


Kreuzmayr Belt presses can be used for:

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Cherries and other stone fruits (with a separate destoner)
  • Feijoa
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • Berries
  • various fibrous vegetables (carrots etc.)

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Liverani | | Flexible Impeller Pump
Medium to high Output Flexible Impeller pumps

Liverani is a trusted and well established brand when it comes to pumps.


Their range of Flexible Impeller pumps is wide and caters for all types of pumping requirements and products.


Pumps can be supplied as follows:

  • Pumping head only
  • With belt drive
  • With direct motor drive
  • With Gearbox speed variator or Inverter
  • On Trolley with wheels, etc


Please ask for a specific pumping requirement.

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Enoveneta | | Enoveneta Peristaltic Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps are the gentle method for pumping liquids as well as products of high viscosity or containing solids.


The Enoveneta range is a all Stainless Steel construction with various options.


Peristaltic pumping avoids the risk of mixing, oxidation, shaking, emulsifying, etc. and at no time is the product in contact with the pumping mechanism, i,e. the product remains in the transfer tube which is squeezed to move the product forward.

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Kreuzmayr | | Flash Pasteurizer
Flash Pasteurizer for the sterilizing of juice prior to bottling.

Kreuzmayr's innovative design and quality is responsible for this highly efficient yet affordable range of Pasteurizers.


These units can be heated up with gas, electricity or an end user's own hot water source.


The units are ideally sized from the very small producer to the bigger producers of fruit juice.


Pasteurizers can be coupled directly to various filling systems or supplied with siphon or Bag in Box fillers on the same frame.

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GAI | | Automatic Low Vacuum Fillers
Low vacuum filling machines

The GAI series of automatic fillers are ideally suited for the filling of inert (non-gaseous) liquids such as wine, spirits, juice, vinegar etc.


The Fillers are available with various options including dummy bottles (for Cleaning In Place), centralized fill level adjustment etc.


These fillers are the same as found on the GAI series of Rinsing/ Filling/ Capping monoblocks.


There are 8 standard model sizes available - varying from 3.000 BPH (12 head) up to 16.000 BPH (48 head).

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GAI | | GAI Series 600 Labellers
Semi-auotmatic bench top labellers

The GAI 600 Series of bench top labelers are the perfect introduction to professional labeling, even if operated manually.


The label stations and controls are of the same high standard as found on the automatic linear and rotary machines.


All stainless steel construction.


Depending on model, labeling can be off 2 separate rolls or off 1 roll (front and rear label on the same roll).


All machines will do cylindrical bottles.


Some models will do square bottles (as in Olive oils etc.)

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STS | | ZETA Linear Labelers
Linear Labeling machines for self-adhesive labels

The ZETA range of compact linear type labelers by STS are very popular and well priced.



Linear labeling with 2 adhesive labeling stations for the application of label and two separate coils and neck on additional station. Labeling stations with stepper motors - in step with current board microprocessor control. Machine suitable for labeling cylindrical bottles with a diameter of Ø110 mm to 60mm with standard equipment. Machine made entirely of stainless steel parts with aluminum paint scratches and corrosion.


Available as follows:

  • with up to 3 label stations
  • option for front and back label on the same web
  • with or without capsule dispensing
  • with PVC shrink head
  • with Spin on head for metal capsules
  • with over labeling option
  • with collection table and drive


Specify you needs when requesting for an offer.


Production is maximum 1.000 BPH






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GAI | | Series 6000 Linear Labellers
Linear Labelling machines with various options

The 6000 series of LINEAR type labelers include capsuling as standard. These machines can also be supplied without capsuling if only labeling is a requirement.


Depending on type of machine, up to 4 labeling stations can be fitted.


All machines incorporate intuitive and easy to use Touch Screen controls.


Machines can be used as free-standing or be incorporated within a bottling line.

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Tenco | | Vacuum Filler
Semi-automatic vacuum filler


Enolmatic is the only vacuum filler coupling small size and easy operations with professional features and performance - approximately  250 bottles/hour filling rate

The ideal equipment for filling wine, oil, spirits, liquor, tomato sauce, fruit juices, and also liquids with relatively high viscosity.

STRONG - thanks to its careful design and top quality construction all in food grade materials.
RELIABLE - because it has been tested for non-stop operations.
EASY TO OPERATE - the vat, barrel or demijohn can be placed below the Enolmatic filler  - up to 13 feet (4 meters) suction head
PRACTICAL - the unit allows for various adjustments, such as:

  • adjust the filling level just once and it remains as default value
  • adjust the filling speed
  • use Enolmatic with every type and size of bottles.

SAFE - Through a vacuum operated filling, the product never gets in contact with any mechanical components. The product is bottled in the most natural way, allowing to maintain its original quality and features. When placing the bottle under the machine, the fluid is drawn by the vacuum created inside the container itself.

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Tecnomax-Due | | Screw Capper
Semi-Automatic Screw capping machine



  • This machine is used for capping pilferproof aluminium caps with original seal, with or without drip-catcher. 
  • The features of this model is a descending capping head
  • The operator places the bottle in its proper housing. When the two buttons are pressed with both hands the capping head descends to thread and seal the cap in just a few seconds.
  • These cappers can be fitted with three or four rollers capping  heads


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| | Noni Juice Tank
Tank for settling and storing of Noni Juice

Solid Rotoform plastic tanks with conical bottom.

These tanks and transparent and you can easily see how much product is in the tank.

The tank is supported on a galvanised metal frame with strong legs.

There is a manhole cover on the top, a drainage valve at the bottom and racking valve above the cone.

Designed and made exclusively for Viniquip

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