Carbofresh Easy Control



The automatic Carbofresh Easy-Control system is used directly when filling and is controlled by the filler, but the system also has a manual option. Operating with a precise CO2 dosage of up to 6 g/l as well as the reduction of gases are both possible.

The CIP capable system can be used both in the cellar and directly when filling and works without a buffer tank. This simple design ensures that in-line cleaning can be easily performed on the system whilst also ensuring a minimal product loss when the product is changed.

  • Accurate carbonisation when filling
  • Flow-rate proportional dosage
  • Ideal fine bubbles for the highest demands
  • Extremely gentle transportation of the product
  • Reduction of gases is possible
  • Simple operation via touch-screen
  • System is directly controlled via the filler
  • CIP-capable
  • Small, mobile and compact
  • Dry-run protection
  • 100% Stainless Steel